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4 Ways To Wear Oversized Sweaters

An oversized sweater can be a perfect dress down garment. While comfy and practical, the oversized style has become quite popular and is seen around a lot in street fashion as well as more modern fashion trends from brands such as Yeezy and more.

The sweater has been popular throughout time for its versatility as well as practicality, so there’s little surprise that it has never really gone out of fashion, only adapted with the changing trends.

4 Ways To Wear Oversized Sweaters

But in today’s fashion world there is nothing more on style than a shabby chic outfit.

So in this article we’ve discussed the oversized sweater and proposed a few different ways to style it. Keep reading to learn some different ways to wear an oversized sweater.

How To Style A Sweater

The oversized sweater is a great garment for both men and women and also suits multiple seasons.

The sweater is a comfortable item with a relaxed fit so you are more often than not going to use it to dress down an outfit, or dress the jumper up to match a more chic outfit, or in more modern times the jumper itself can make a comfy and casual outfit into something stylish and special.

Use It To Dress Down An Outfit

For both men and women, an oversized sweatshirt can allow you to wear garments that are potentially more smart and chic while allowing the oversized sweatshirt to make it more casual and not such eye grabbing. This can operate in a few different ways.

An oversized sweatshirt and tennis skirt is the stuff of 2014 Tumblr, but it still works a treat for a practical summer outfit.

With a thin top underneath, the sweatshirt can replace a jacket when the wind picks up, and can easily be removed when the sun comes out. 

Moreover, this outfit could easily be worn to summer brunch as a semi-casual outfit or can look at home walking around the park. Even double up with a vintage oversized tennis or cricket knitted jumper for that country club casual-chic look.

For men, with a nice pair or smart trousers, perhaps also a little oversized, and a nice pair of shoes, an oversized jumper can function to dress down the rest of the garments and offers a similar semi-chic look that can be worn in a few different situations.

Make It Chic

Equally, if you wanted to go the other way you can really dress up an oversized sweatshirt and still seem chic or smart.

Some faux leather pants with a beige oversized sweatshirt can really work as a chic outfit if you add some jewelry in there and a smart handbag.

The sweatshirt dresses down the leather pants which can seem a bit out there, while the accessories help the sweatshirt blend well into the chic outfit, rather than being casual.

For men, a sweatshirt can be really chic with a shirt underneath. Perhaps in the colder months, if you have a particularly smart oxford shirt and some beige chinos you might look like a total frat boy.

But throw an oversized sweatshirt on top and you have the shabby chic outfit you can wear anywhere. Add some rings and a nice chain and it can really go from casual to fancy.

Wear It As A Dress

This is maybe one for the ladies, but with the right oversized sweatshirt you could get a really unique outfit from it as a singular garment.

So long as the jumper is long enough, whether you seek one out for this purpose or just borrow your 6” 6 boyfriend’s jumper, you could totally wear this with a belt, some tights or some knee boots.

4 Ways To Wear Oversized Sweaters (1)

When styled right this is a really unique outfit which is comfy, practical and can be worn basically anywhere. Rihanna is known for her oversized sweater dresses and long leather knee boots, it’s basically the new trench coat and heels.

Style Out A Casual Outfit

Sometimes we should just accept the oversized sweatshirt for what it is, often a casual garment. But this doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish. 

In modern streetwear the oversized sweatshirt is very much the vogue just ook to Kanye West’s Yeezy collection to see oversized sweatshirts with elongated arms, and rips that the shabby chic look to an extreme level.

In any case, wearing a pair of track pants, some vogue sports trainers, and an oversized sweatshirt can be a totally ‘stylish’ outfit these days.

Vintage jumpers from a local thrift store can really make this type of outfit unique, or some of the more graphic prints from modern brands can really pop in this kind of outfit.

The great thing about these sporty but stylish outfits is that they remain fairly gender neutral, and there can be lots of room to find unique pieces, interesting accessories, as well as a large variety of garments you can experiment with.

Moreover, wearing an oversized sweatshirt with a pair or exercise shorts works really well. Showing off those legs can really help balance out the baggy jumper with exposed skin.

To be super on trend, cycling shorts are a serious win for women in an oversized sweatshirt.

Final Thoughts

Wearing an oversized sweatshirt has never been more stylish than it is now, when styled properly you could easily wear an oversized sweatshirt almost anywhere these days.

You can dress them up, use them to dress down a smart outfit, wear them as a singular garment, rolling the cuffs up, and much much more.

They are a really modern but utilitarian garnet that can come in many colors, even with prints, and are also really practical for when you are in and out of the sun.

It’s clear there are many types of oversized sweatshirts, as well as many different ways you can style them, as well as being a great gender neutral product for the most part.

We hope that these tips have given you some ideas so that you can wear that oversized sweatshirt with confidence!

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