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4 Ways To Wear Black and White

Neutrals are often considered boring by some people. However, there are many ways to wear them that are interesting and fun.

Adding textures such as patterns, prints, etc., can really enhance black and white styles. It’s useful to remember that neutrals are an essential part of our wardrobe as they are super versatile.

4 Ways To Wear Black and White

You can easily combine neutrals with other colors, like red, blue or green. It could be said that with neutrals, you’ll get more outfit choices.

Black and white may not be the most colorful of combos but there are ways to make it look great. Black is the color of authority, power, and elegance and  It goes well with almost any other colors.

Let’s look at some ways we can wear black and white successfully. 

The Formal Occasion 

A formal event often requires a classic white dress shirt. Black ties also work well for this event. Contrasting textures create depth and spikes definition.

Play around with accessories such as silver, rose gold or brass tie pins, lapel pins in rose gold or brass, and mother of pearl cuff links or you could create sophistication with an old-world charm.

These fixtures will spice up the monochromatic palette of the black-white too.

For a very formal event, a black suit with a white shirt and a black bowtie look super stylish and a great way to combine black and white.

A black suit is certainly the most versatile of suits, as you can wear it with anything.

For example, you could wear a black suit with black dress pants and a white button-down shirt, or you could wear a black formal shirt with black slacks. 

A smart casual outfit is versatile and classy. Guys can mix up t-shirts with chinos, button-downs with jeans, etc. Try wearing a long sleeve, or crew neck shirt.

Black leather belts also work great with a smart casual outfit. You can also layer your outfit by adding a jacket or blazer. 

The Little Black (Or White) Dress

Black dresses are very popular among women because they’re easy to pair with other items. They can also be worn during different seasons. The black dress can be seen as sexy as well as classy.

Black dresses can be dressed up by adding accessories such as belts, hats, and jewellery. Sun hats can be worn with black dresses to give them a fun summer feel. In addition, earrings are an easy way to make a simple black dress stand out.

Necklaces give a focal point to outfits and look stunning with a little black dress. Casual black dresses make a great match with jeans jackets.

Add a bag to the look such as a crossbody bag that gives you an easy place to carry things around. Clutch bags are more elegant for fancier events.

Going Casual 

Black jackets are great for people who want to be stylish without being over the top.  A black denim jacket is easy to carry around because it matches almost every outfit. Denim jackets offer a great casual look. 

Black and white contrast nicely with a  white dress and black sandals. White is a great option for any outfit.

You can wear white during winter or summer and there are a plethora of different ways you can style your clothes when wearing white.

Black or white summertime suits are a popular way to rock the neutral look and are made out of different fabrics and are easy to mix and match with accessories to add a burst of color. 

White jeans are a popular casual French style for women and look great with added accessories.  High-waisted and straight-legged white jeans are the most popular type making slim legs look sexy and curvy. 

Urban style has become super popular in recent years. From long black t-shirts with ripped skinny jeans and puffers to hoodies with cargo trousers and field jackets, there are many ways to rock streetwear.

You can shop from the top urban streetwear brands online to piece out your favourite styles.

Black jeans are versatile pieces. You can dress them up with a shirt and boots or down with a t-shirt. You can make a statement with torn jeans or go casual with a flat front.

Pair them with a button-up shirt or a leather jacket. Black jeans also work well with sweaters and coats.

Tantalising Texture/Perfect Patterns/Ace Accessories 

Textured clothing adds visual appeal to an outfit. Adding a piece of textured material to your outfit will make it more interesting.

A piece made out of suede, leather, corduroy, velvet, tweed, fleece, sherpa, and other fabrics will help you stand out among others. In addition, jewellery with textures and designs makes an outfit more attractive. 

Adding patterns to your outfits is another way to make them interesting and fun to wear! For example, you could wear a striped top, a leopard print scarf, a colorful print jacket or a funky print skirt. 

Statement accessories like jewellery and handbags can add interest to your outfits. You should always try to include something bold in your wardrobe for when you need to brighten up boring clothing.

They are great additions because they draw attention to your outfits. Gold and silver jewellery and handbags are super trendy and handbags with texture are also very popular. 

Black For Slimming Effect 

Casual black or white outfits are great for everyday use. Black clothing makes people appear slimmer and taller. Wearing black jeans helps guys look slimmer and more toned.

Black clothes give off a relaxed vibe. You can wear a black hoodie over a black tee for a sporty look or add a black vest over a black tee for an edgier look.

Black sneakers are the most popular type of shoe worn by men. They are versatile and can be worn on various occasions such as going out for dinner, attending parties, sports events, etc.

In Summary 

Black and White clothing creates a lot of contrast. It could be said that this is because black and white represent light and dark.

When combined correctly this color combination can look amazing and make you feel confident and sexy when you walk down the street! 

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