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29 Easy Bar Outfit Ideas That Anyone Can Recreate

Finding the perfect outfit to wear to a bar can pose a lot of questions and can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

If you’re struggling for inspiration when it comes to your bar outfits, I’ve got you covered.

29 Easy Bar Outfit Ideas That Anyone Can Recreate

In this article, I will cover 29 easy bar outfit ideas that anyone can recreate. So, next time you need a little help with your outfits, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

Let’s get into it.

Whether you’re headed to the bar for a night out or a simple drink after class, it can be difficult to determine the vibe.

So, before you go through these bar outfit ideas for inspiration, let’s consider what you should bear in mind so that you can style yourself with confidence.

Check The Weather Forecast

It’s important to consider the season that you’re in when choosing your outfit. This is less important for summer nights, but fall, winter, and spring nights can get chilly. 

When the bar is busy, you can end up queuing for a long time, and need to figure out if your outfit is going to be enough to keep you warm during this time.

If you know that you’re not going to queue, then it’s important to know that bulky layers can become frustrating to carry around with you and expensive when it comes to checking your coat.

As a result, you’ll want to opt for a happy medium that’s going to both keep you warm, but isn’t going to be annoying to carry around with you.

Determine The Dress Code

Feeling under or overdressed for an event is never a fun feeling, but aside from that, certain bars have certain dress codes that you need to follow.

Although this is rare, a few bars can have strict dress codes and can even deny you entry if your outfit doesn’t abide by the rules.

Chat to your friends to gauge what they’re all planning to wear. If you’ve never been to the bar in question, a good tip to follow is to look up the location of the bar on their Instagram page.

This will bring up all the photos of people tagging their location, giving you a better idea of what people tend to wear at that particular bar.

If the vibe seems more casual, then you’ve got the green light for a casual outfit. If they seem like they’re fancier, then you can match your outfit accordingly.

Find Out How Much Walking Is Involved

It’s important to establish how much walking is going to be involved in your night out. When deciding your footwear for the evening, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Are you taking a cab or driving to the bar? Or are you walking, or plan to go bar hopping once you arrive?

These questions are important to determine, as how much walking you’re going to be doing will determine your choice of shoes.

If you know that you’re going to be walking for a while, then you should avoid high stilettos or uncomfortable pumps that are likely to give you blisters. After all, this is game over if you don’t have bandaids to hand in your bag!


The great thing about denim is that you can dress it up and down, and make it perfect for any occasion. 


When you want a casual look that you can pair with a number of items of clothing, jeans are a fail-safe option.

1. Ripped Skinny Jeans 

Ripped skinny jeans are great for creating an edgier look. When paired with a pair of black boots and a high neck tank like you see here, you’ve got yourself a casual look that’s perfect for the bar.

2. All Black Mom Jeans 

Mom jeans are a wardrobe staple, and pairing them with black boots and a simple black t-shirt is a great way of making a simple outfit look seamless.

3. Denim Skinny Jeans 

Denim skinny jeans are a staple in anyone’s wardrobe, and can be paired with a simple black top and a camel coat for a super chic look.

4. Dad Jeans 

For a slouchier and more comfortable fit, why not opt for Dad jeans? Pair with a long sleeve top and your favorite belt, and you’re ready to hit the bar.

5. Wide Leg Jeans 

Sometimes you just can’t beat a light denim wash pair of wide leg jeans. Pair with a crisp white shirt, and a pair of white heels for a super stylish, yet effortless look.

Denim Skirts

6. Mini Denim Skirt 

Everyone needs a mini denim skirt in their wardrobe. Pair with an off the shoulder floral top and some plain white sneakers for the ideal summer look for the bar!

7. Button Down Skirt

A button down denim skirt is a highly versatile item of clothing. When worn with a loose fitting blouse and some leopard print heels, you’ve got an outfit perfect for the bar. 

8. Denim Maxi Skirt 

On days when you want something simple yet effective, try pairing a denim maxi skirt with a blue shirt and a black bag for a simple yet stunning look.

9. A Line Denim Skirt

A line denim skirts are another staple you can put on with anything! Pair with a long sleeve top, black boots, and black accessories, and you’re good to go.

10. Black Thigh Slit Skirt

For a more preppy look, why not opt for a black thigh slit denim skirt, and pair it alongside some black Doc Martens and white socks?

Leather Pants

11. Button Down Leather Pants

Button Down Leather Pants

Button down leather trousers are a classic. Dress them down with a blazer, a slouchy jumper, and heels for a more understated look.

12. All Black Leather

For a super sleek look, pair leather trousers with a black high neck top, black heels, and a black bag.

13. Khaki Leather Pants

If you want a bit of understated color in your outfit, why not opt for khaki leather pants and pair them with a muted spaghetti halter? 

14. Flared Leather Pants

Flared leather pants are all the rage, and it’s easy to see why! Add a chunky knit sweater and you’ve got the perfect winter bar outfit! 

15. Wide Leg Leather Pants

For those nights when you’re straight from the office to the bar, why not opt for some transitional wide leg leather pants? Style alongside a sleek silk shirt and a nude pair of heels.

Wrap Dresses 

16. Satin Wrap Dress

It doesn’t get much more chic than a satin wrap dress, the perfect option when a bar calls for a smarter dress code! 

17. Polka Dot Wrap Dress

The perfect option for a summer night out, what’s not to love about a polka dot wrap dress?

18. Floral Wrap Dress

Florals for spring aren’t new, but a stunning floral wrap dress is sure to knock everyone at the bar off their feet.

19. Starry Wrap Dress 

What better way to see the night out than with a starry wrap dress? Dress down with your favorite sneakers for a casual feel.

20. Animal Print Wrap Dress 

Animal print is a timeless classic, and this animal print wrap dress is no exception. Dress up with a pair of pointed black boots and black accessories.

Leather Skirts 

21. Zip Up Leather Skirt

If you’ve not already got a zip up leather skirt in your wardrobe, what are you doing? Pair with a high neck white tank and a pair of black heels for a super chic finish.

22. Tan Leather Skirt

The perfect option for the fall season, you can’t go wrong with a tan leather skirt paired with a thick, chunky knit.

23. A Line Leather Skirt

An A Line leather skirt is a wardrobe must have for your nights out. When put with a silky blouse and black heels, magic happens!

24. Leather Pencil Skirt

You can’t beat a structured pencil skirt, and this leather pencil skirt is a wonderful choice for a bar outfit. Opt for a nude pair of heels, and a plain blouse, and you’re set for the night. 

25. Belted Leather Skirt

For a grungier look, why not opt for a belted leather skirt with silver hardware? Pair with a studded pair of heels and an asymmetrical top for a sleek finish.

Faux Fur 

26. Faux Fur Cardigan 

For the perfect winter look, try something different with this faux fur cardigan. Style with a houndstooth skirt, and you’ll have a festive look for the bar.

27. Bright Faux Fur Coat 

Looking to make a statement? Then you’ll love this bright faux fur coat, perfect for keeping you warm in the queue to the bar!

28. Timeless Faux Fur Coat 

This white faux fur coat is a classic, and when paired with a white faux fur headband, everyone will be huddling next to you on the walk to the next bar!

29. Faux Fur Blazer 

Curious to try something out of the box? Then why not go for this faux fur blazer, perfect to pair with your favorite crop top and a skirt.

In Summary 

So, there you have it!

I hope this article has been helpful, and has given you some inspiration on easy bar outfits.

Next time you’re struggling for ideas, make sure that you refer back to this article.

Good luck finding the perfect bar outfit for you!

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