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15 Ways To Wear Thigh High Socks

Thigh high socks are a type of sock that come above the knee, they can be coy, sexy, but also warm and comfortable.

15 Ways To Wear Thigh High Socks

If you don’t enjoy wearing tights too much, some thigh high socks can really keep those legs warm in winter while also being a sexy accoutrement to any outfit.

Here are some quick fire ideas on how to wear thigh high socks.

1. With Knee High Boots

This could sound obvious but is a good place to start, consider pairing your thigh high sock with knee high boots.

This is a very unique way of layering colors and garments but can show your fashion prowess when done right. This is best saved for winter.

2. With Ankle Boots

Ankle boots, or even higher, so long as they don’t go above the knee, can really be worth considering with these socks.

The thick winter thigh high socks can look great with a dress and boots, this can really show that rugged chic look as well as being helpful if you are a smaller girl.

3. Go Woolen

In the winter months wooly thigh high socks could be your savior if you want to look cute when it’s chilly.

Pair your wooly thigh high socks with a wooly hat, and a cute outfit to go with it and you can really get that winter fashion look in before the sun comes.

4. With High Waisted Shorts

High waisted shorts can really look great with thigh high socks. The shorts cut off point should show off a little skin but remain coy as your thigh highs can stop them showing too much.

When they are the same color this is a unique look, tuc a comfy jumper in a winter chic or even summer chic with some thinner socks has never been easier.

5. With A Skirt

THigh high socks and tennis skirts are the stuff of Tumblr girl dreams, if you want that E girl look or just something that’s cute but not showy, this look is great.

This can also be a great ‘emo’ look too, a classic of pre 2020 fashion.

6. With A Dress

Again, a skater dress and thigh high socks can really hammer home that Tumblr vibe but is great for a hipster/skater look too.

This can actually be pretty warm in winter with a cardigan or coat, but can also work in summer without any crazy layering.

7. Go For Stripes

Continuing this theme, if you want that Avril Levigne emo era look then striped thigh high socks are a good option. This is the perfect accessory to pair with any emo outfit idea you have.

8. With A Corset

This could be goth rather than emo, but this can really aid a corset outfit.

If you are wearing a gothic white dress and a black corset over the top, then thigh high socks can really balance the black and white colors.

The socks help the black go all the way down rather than having a weird space of nothing around your thighs.

9. Belts Are Your Friend

One accessory to consider is a belt, if you are wearing a more floaty dress that doesn’t hug the figure simply get a nice belt and it could look great with thigh high socks.

10. With A Sweater Dress

The sweater dress is the king of casual chic outfits, and can look really good with thigh high socks.

This can work the same way that thigh high boots work with a baggy t-shirt or with a similar sweater dress, it stops them seeming like pajamas and can stop an oversized dress or sweater from making you look small.

11. Go Boho

If you are going to a festival or to a concert, thigh high socks can totally look great with a more hippie style dress such as a spaghetti strap dress or another type of dress that has a short skirt.

12. Wear With Rain Boots

Of course, at some festivals you will be only wearing rain boots the whole time, so having thigh high or even knee high socks are almost a must in this situation.

Not only do they look great but can also help you stop getting annoying mud splatters on your legs.

13. With A Short Skirt

If you want to wear a short skirt or mini skirt but it’s too cold then you can still logistically stay warm with thigh high socks.

Moreover, this can be a good fix if you want to remain decent but still wear a short skirt.

14. Great With Smart Shoes

If you don’t want to wear heels, these can go great with more smart shoes that don’t have heels.

The classic ‘Mary Jane’ style shoe looks ideal with a pair of white thigh high socks, this sort of school girl look can remain smart in a formal setting.

15. Wear Them For Yourself

Thigh high socks are super comfy, so if you simply want a pair to wear in bed or just as a casual outfit around the house, they look great for that too.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways to wear these thigh high socks, we hope this list has helped you get some ideas, both old and new, to style this fun accessory. Get mad or just wear them to bed, they are a great purchase!

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