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11 Affordable Shoes That Look Like Balenciaga Dupes

When it comes to shoes, there are plenty of options that you can choose from. One of these is the chunky style of trainer that first rose to prominence around 2017.

The Balenciaga Dupes is otherwise known as the chunky trainer or ‘dad sneaker’.

15 Affordable Shoes That Look Like Balenciaga Dupes

These trainers are evocative of the 80s and 90s, going really well with trainers or even a strappy top.

These trainers look as comfortable as they feel, making them some of the best that you can have on the market. However, not everyone can afford the sky-high price tag of these shoes.

So where can you find trainers that are like these but a lot cheaper? What features should a Balenciaga Dupe lookalike have? How much will they cost?

Will that match up to the real thing? Well, if you want the answer to these questions and a lot more, we suggest that you keep reading.

11 Affordable Shoes That look Like Balenciaga Dupes

Adidas Yung-96 Chasm Chunky Shoe – Colored

adidas Originals Men's YUNG-96 Chasm Hiking Shoe, Off White/Clear Pink/Bright Yellow, 4.5 M US

First up, w are going with the mighty Adidas brand. These come in a chunky style that definitely replicates the Balenciaga Dupes.

This shoe is extremely comfortable with a foam lining on the inside that you can be sure will give you everything that you need for a decent casual and running trainer.

This also comes with a very comfortable leather upper, meaning that it will not rub or cause any chafing at the top of your foot.

This comes with a retro style and some pretty cool color choices that will remind you of Malibu in the 80s – even if you weren’t in Malibu during the 80s!

This comes with a rubber sole that is very durable and will give you everything that you need for a decent bounce. Having this kind of spring back is what makes some of the most comfortable shoes.


  • Durable – this thick shoe is one of the most durable that you can get on this list. The chunky outer part will help protect it from wear and tear as well as sharp objects.
  • Easy to clean – this shoe comes with a wipe-down surface that you can be sure will help you get rid of all the gunk from between the grooves.
  • Retro style – this is great if you are looking for something that will conjure up the fashion of the 90s, pairing well with ripped jeans, high socks and long denim shirts.
  • Affordable – if you are strapped for cash, then we would certainly recommend that you pick these shoes, as they are pretty well-priced.


  • If you are looking for something that mimics the shape of the Balenciaga Dupes, then you might be disappointed, as this shoe comes with its own unique shape.
  • A chunky shoe – these trainers are very heavy, which might take them a little longer to get used to.
adidas Originals Men's YUNG-96 Chasm Hiking Shoe, Off White/Clear Pink/Bright Yellow, 4.5 M US
  • Men's shoes with a riff on '90s nostalgia
  • Regular fit; Rugged feel
  • Textile upper for durability; Torsion System between the heel and forefoot for a stable ride
  • Rubber outsole for traction
  • EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning

Adidas Originals Men’s Yung-96 Chasm Chunky Shoes – Black

adidas Originals Men's YUNG-96 Chasm Running Shoe, Black/Black/Carbon, 3.5 M US

Next up, we have the same shoe but in a tasteful black color. You can pair this shoe with pretty much anything, whether it be a crop top or a long denim shirt.

This could even be worn to a formal occasion, easily paired with a jumpsuit or even a shirt with some formal trousers for that hipster look.


  • A sleek design – if you are looking to match this one with cream or grey trousers, then you’ll be in luck with this pair.
  • Thick soles – if you want something that you can wear for long periods of time without them wearing, then this is another great shoe to have.
  • Great winter shoes – if you are looking for a great look to rock during those colder seasons, then look no further.
  • Great price – another well-priced shoe, this is good if you want something that you can just wear for work.


  • Thick and chunky – as with the shoe above, this might take some getting used to.

Adidas Originals Men’s Yung-96 Chasm Chunky Shoes – White

adidas Originals Men's YUNG-96 Chasm Running Shoe, Crystal White/Crystal White/White, 13.5 M US

Finally, we have another Adidas shoe in a pristine white color. These shoes really are dazzling, with that fashionable look that you can be sure will go with black frayed jeans.

These shoes come at a great price, so if you are looking for a pair of sneakers that will turn some heads, then this is the right pair for you.

You can even decorate these shoes with badges and designs if you are that way inclined. This shoe is basically a blank canvas that you can use to really project your own style onto.


  • A clean-looking shoe – if you want that minimalist style, then we would certainly suggest that you have this white sneaker.
  • Retro and sleek – if you are looking for a trainer that you can hit the town with or even rock up on a casual day at work, then why not try these.
  • Great price – as with all the trainers from this Adidas range, you can pick up a decent pair for a hundred-or-so bucks.


  • As with all white shoes, these won’t be the easiest to clean. If you are going off-raod for some muddy trekking, then we would recommend a darker color.

Nike Womens Air Max 95 Se PRM Running Trainers

Nike Women's Air Max 95 SE Premium

Now we’ll be moving on to the reputable Nike Women’s Air Max Running Trainers.

These shoes are very cute and will certainly go with many female outfits, whether it is a summer frock or a more formal blazer and trouser combination.

These shoes are very versatile in that you can wear them in numerous different settings. You can also apply them to many situations from running to just casual wear around the house.

These shoes really do resemble the Balenciaga Dupes shoes. You might even have to do a double-take when you first take them out of the box.

These have that classic Triple-S shape which will allow you to wear them in a variety of different ways.

The color range of these shoes is also amazing – whether you are going to wear them with a blue stripe and trim or something with a few different colors, there really is a shoe to fit every different personality.


  • Colorful – if you want a trainer that is brimming with energy and many different colors, then we would certainly recommend these trainers.
  • Thick and durable – these shoes are very durable, meaning that you’ll be able to wear them for a long period of time.
  • Great for running – you can use these shoes for all types of activity, whether it be running in a competition or just soothing your feet on a heavy shift at your job.


  • Might be hard to break in – again, this is a very rigid shoe, so make sure that you wear it a lot when you get it.

PUMA Womens Cilia Mode Lux Running Style Sneakers

PUMA Womens Cilia Mode Lux Running Style Sneakers White 6.5

Next up, we have a great running trainer from Puma, coming in a sleek white design that you can guarantee can be paired with just about anything.

You can mix these up with a high-waisted jean look or even a cardigan. This is a great pair of shoes to have if you prefer that casual hipster style.


  • Chunky top – this shoe is very chunky, which makes it not only very stylish, but more impervious to adverse weather than some other trainers you can find.
  • Padding and mesh – this shoe is very breathable, which is great if you are looking for something to reduce sweat while you are running.
  • Walk a great distance with these – if you are looking to scale steep hills and cover vast distances, then this is a great shoe for you.


  • Hard to break in – again, as with most of these thick shoes, you might have to wear them a lot to break them in.

PUMA Unisex-Adult Cell Viper Sneaker

PUMA Men's Cell Viper Sneaker, Gray Violet-Beetroot Purple, 4 M US

Next up, we have another very affordable shoe that you can be sure will give you that lift and support that you need either when you are running or walking great distances.

This comes with a great color design that we actually think rivals the patterning on some of the Balenciagas that we’ve seen.

This shoe is also very lightweight, making it one of the best that you can have for aerobics. This will also reduce the fatigue on your leg.


  • Great price – if you are looking for a shoe that is very affordable, then we would recommend that you pick this one.
  • Unisex – this can be worn by men and women, which is great if you want a non-conventional style of sneaker.
  • Lightweight – this is very helpful if you are going to be using this trainer for any extreme exercise program.


  • This shoe has been described by some users as very clunky, so they might take some time to get used to.

Fila Women’s Ray Tracer Sneakers – Color 1

Fila Women's Ray Tracer Sneakers, WHT/BLK/HRIS, White, 8 Medium US

Next up, we have a pair of trainers that are extremely stylish and will really pop with whatever outfit that you happen to put them with.

They come with tabs on the back that will facilitate taking them off and on again very easily. These shoes are great to wear if you are in a rush.


  • These trainers come with a wonderful breathable mesh that will reduce the amount of sweat that will accumulate in your shoes.
  • Soft and rubbery – if you want a shoe that will feel very comfortable on your feet, then we would certainly recommend you get a pair of these.


  • This shoe is very colorful, so it might be hard to match these with some more muted colors.

Fila Women’s Ray Tracer Sneakers – Color 2

Fila Men's Ray Tracer Shoes Hblu/White/Black 7

Next up, we have the same sneakers, but in a slightly more ostentatious pattern that you can combine with a lot of different outfits.

These trainers have a more retro vibe when it comes to color schemes. You can be sure that you’ll have everything that you need if you like mixing up clothes to create a vintage fashion style.


  • Multi-textured – these styles of trainers are really amazing when it comes to the number of textures, which will help it with weather resilience and comfort.
  • Laces – these laces have two different colors, which will distinguish these shoes from the pairs that your friends tend to wear.
  • Chunky outer sole – These shoes will definitely stand the test of time, they are chunky and will be able to resist a lot of sharp splinters.


  • Thin padding – when you are comparing these to other Fila brands then they might not stand up.

Adidas Women’s 90s Valasion Sneaker

adidas Women's 90s Valasion Sneaker, Black/Night Metallic/Grey, 9 M US

Now we’re going back to Adidas sneakers, looking at models that most mimic the Triple S style Balenciaga Dupes. These have a great shape and are very comfortable.

This comes with a protruding sole just like the Balenciaga Dupes. This makes them very distinctive, as well as pulling on and off.


  • Ultra-soft – this comes with soft cushioning that you can be sure will keep your feet smooth and comfortable.
  • Retro look – if you are looking for a shoe that looks like a classic from another era, then these Valasions are for you.


  • These might be uncomfortable for anyone whose feet arch a lot more than usual.

Nike Women’s Air Max 270 Running

Nike Air Max 270 White/Black/White 8 B (M)

Next up, we have a great running shoe that comes with a thick outer design. These are very trendy shoes and the most distinctive thing about them is probably the range of colors that they have on offer.


  • Lightweight – if you are looking for a show that will not drag behind you when you are running, then we would definitely recommend these ones.
  • Durable foam insole – this will give you a lot of comfort, which is very important if you are going to be using these shoes for long-distance running.


  • Another difficult shoe to break in, especially true if you are someone will much wider feet.
Nike Air Max 270 White/Black/White 8 B (M)
  • BRIGHT HOT SUMMER.With bright pops of electric color, the Nike Air Max 270 is built to stand out on the summer streets. An extra large Air unit and comfy foam midsole offers plush cushioning under every step, while the stretchy inner sleeve provides
  • Textile and synthetic upper with stretchy inner sleeve creates a snug, yet comfortable, fit.
  • Foam midsole and large volume Max Air unit cushions each step.
  • Rubber outsole
  • Measurements: Weight: 1 lb 6 ozProduct measurements were taken using size 9, width B - Medium. Please note that measurements may vary by size.Weight of footwear is based on a single item, not a pair.

Diesel Women’s H-padola Sock W-Sneaker

Diesel Women's H-PADOLA Sock W-Sneaker mid, Black, 9.5 M US

This final shoe is something a little more special, with sparkling sequins running from the heel to the ankle.

This is definitely one for someone that likes to make an impression, even if they are just making a trip to the local grocery store.

This comes with a durable phylon coating on the inside of the shoe that makes them one of the most durable.

It also comes with a durable knitted mesh that will help you when it comes to wicking away the moisture that builds up in your shoe. This is very important if you want to reduce the odor that might build up in your foot.


  • Great price – once again, if you are scouting about for a decent-priced shoe, then we would suggest that you pick up a pair of these.
  • Stylish – these are amongst some of the more stylish shoes on this list, covered in sequins that will be sure to turn some heads.
  • Great materials – this shoe features a combination of breathable and durable materials that will reduce the amount of moisture as well as increase the comfort.


  • These shoes aren’t the best to put on, but once you have broken them in, then they’ll be very comfortable.


We hope that our article has helped you to decide which shoe most looks like the Balenciaga Dupas and which one has all the features you’ll need for a comfortable fit.

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